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Factory in 1963

Factory Now

Kaloti Group Established in 1962, we have developed into one of the Biggest and profession al fastener manufacturer and exporter in India. In 60+ years with an independent family business, we set ground- breaking standards worlwide. We are supplying quality fasteners in the brand name of REPSI & UCON to our customers with our best services from inception.

The Kaloti Group is a great international reality in the market of high quality fastener production and trade, with a major role in India & Europe. We are one of the important manufacturer in the fastener industry world- wide which have certification like CE as per EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCT REGULATION: 305/2011/EU, ISI Certification & many more International and Domestic certificates and approvals.

We manufacture the fasteners which meet International standards i.e. DIN, ASTM, ISO, IS & BS etc in grade Mild-Steel (4.6/5.6/6.8) & Hi- tensile(Grade 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9).

The Group includes three production plants based in Ludhiana, Punjab and a marketing company named Kaloti Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd., who looks after sales in OEM industry and having 365+ dealers across India.

We employs more than 325 people in our group which include engineers, technology experts and plating engineers & skilled labour.

We have production capacity of 80 MT per day & have about 38 machines of cold forging and hot forging which help us to manufacture fasteners from Dia sizes 3mm to 64mm and length from 12mm to 1000mm, Our cold forging production line includes NATIONAL (USA) boltmaker machines. In our hot forging production line includes till 2” National(USA) Upsetter which help us to maintain quality fasteners.