Industrial fasteners are components used in many places. They are hardware devices that you can use to join two or more objects. It may be a permanent or semi-permanent way. But what does it mean to say a non-permanent joint? Well, it means that you can remove or dismantle the joined parts. You won’t destroy the industrial fasteners in that process.

When you remove the permanent joint, it doesn’t damage the joining elements and the joint itself. Industrial fasteners are standard in our households.

They resist the chair you sit on, the table you eat on, and the automobile you travel by. The industrial fasteners have every inch of what you see and use. A fastener has built like a screw thread, with a screw (male, outer part) and a hole (female, internal component). The female part can be a nut, as well.

What are Industrial Fasteners?

Do you seek to know the exact meaning of industrial fasteners? They are just devices and tools. The primary role of fasteners is to promote safety by joining joints. Many parts of fasteners are mechanical. They include screw and nut, bolts, rods, studs, anchors, sockets, rivets, and screws.

Fastener devices, like screws, can be broken down into several sub-categories. They are coach screw, self-drilling screw, pan head, drywall, and self-tapping screw.

Apart from these basics, a few other products in the fastener industry you may want to use.

  • Nylon Lock Nut
  • Eyebolt
  • Threaded Bars
  • Stud Bolt
  • Socket head bolt
  • Dovel Pins
  • OEM Parts
  • Socket shoulder screw

Importance of Fasteners

Fastener products also include the tools, assembly equipment, and related supplies required for installation. Every type of fastener has been used in all industries. You will find industrial fasteners in consumer devices like smartphones and computers. They have used in equipment such as robotics, medical adhesives, or machines.

Fasteners play a vital role in industrial products such as electric motors. They have applied to the automobile and construction industries. Besides, you’ll find industrial fasteners in everyday life. They have used in furniture, lighting, vehicles, and even street lamps. Even in the intricate staging made for a rock concert, you will not fail to notice industrial fasteners.

Safety and quality are crucial in every use of the fasteners. In some industries where industrial fasteners have been used, security is more critical. In automobile and aerospace, the use of industrial fasteners needs to be perfect. That way, it can be easy to secure people. So, ensure to weigh each project’s options. That will help you give special attention to the type of fastener needed. Each one of the industrial fasteners serves a specific function. Every fastener has an ideal installation process. It is vital in those critical industries, which adhere to strict safety standards for industrial fasteners.

Are you looking for industrial fasteners? Kaloti fastener manufacturers have quality items for you. Just ensure to test the material that suits your needs. You can pick steel or stainless steel industrial fasteners. But the brass, bronze, and aluminum fasteners are good options for the corrosive setting.

You may do some coating to your fasteners. It will be useful if you want to make your industrial fasteners to be more durable and resist rusting. These include zinc, hot-dip galvanizing, or chrome. Do you want to make your fasteners beautiful? Some coating will help you have a more polished look in your application.

When buying industrial fasteners, ensure to look at the cost. But it would be best if you did not let price concerns outweigh quality. It is vital for critical areas where the fasteners have been used. Where possible, you can try to save on costs. Make sure you make initial plans at the design phase of the application. That way, you can save a lot more than during the installation process. You may seek help from a known producer or distributor. They can offer you an ideal fastener at a fair price. It’s crucial to research before buying your industrial fasteners. You can ask for a second opinion if you aren’t sure.

Types of Fasteners


You will get many types of Fasteners in the market. They are hardware devices that join objects. It can be bolts, screws, or even nails. Get to know the correct types of fasteners you need for your project. That will make your project move in a smooth yet more secure. Do you seek to choose between types of fasteners? It would help if you considered factors like materials you intend to secure.

Here are common types of fasteners you may want to look at:

1) Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Nuts and bolts are other standard types of a fastener. The two parts function in tandem to clamp joints together. You can insert the bolt through the two parts you want to join, then fasten it in place with a nut on end.

Some of the most ordinary types of bolts you are likely to use in your projects are:

  • Carriage bolts
  • Flange bolts
  • Plow bolts
  • Hex bolt
  • Square-head bolts
  • Hanger bolts

2) Types of Screws

Screws are fasteners that use their threaded shafts to provide their holding power. They have designed to be affixed with screwdrivers. Get to know a few from the common types of screws.

  • Coach screws: A Coach Screw is a heavy-duty screw. It has a square or hexagonal head and an external threaded cylindrical shaft. The shaft tapers to a point at the tip. They have used for holding heavy timber. You can use them to fix metal to wood, masonry, and concrete.
  • Self Drilling screws: They have fitted with a point. It works as a drill bit; you can also use it as a sharp cutting thread. Self Drilling screws tap the hole during installation. Self-drilling screws are a common variety of screws used for quick drilling into both metal and wood.
  • Drywall screws: Drywall screws provide a stronger hold. Fine drywall screws consist of small heads. You can use them to fix drywall to the metal studs.

Other options are Pan Head screws; they are used to secure metal parts. Self-tapping screw applied to secure wood, plastic, metal, and bricks together.

3) Types of Anchors

Anchors make it easier to insert screws direct into a thicker wall or surface. They have designed to hold much weight as the wall they’re attached to can bear. Ensure to use a hammer drill when you want to install anchor into a hard surface. It can be stone, concrete, or brick.

You can use anchor bolts to link operational and non-structural parts to concrete. A variety can connect components, including anchor bolts, steel plates, or stiffeners. Anchor bolts transfer different types of loads like tension and shear forces.

4)  Types of Rivets

A rivet helps to create a permanent and strong joint within two objectives. They comprise a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and a tail on the other. You use an individual tool to expand the rear. That makes your rivet to stay in place. Rivets are durable compared to different types of fasteners. Some common types of rivets include:

  • Lock Bolt & Collar
  • POR Rivit
  • Shear Connectors
  • Split rivets

Quality Fasteners from the Fastener Experts

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