Heat Treatment

In order to give the desired mechanical properties to the produced parts, treatment and cementation processes are carried out in continuous type atmosphere controlled heat treatment furnaces. Our furnaces work 24/7, and the desired mechanical properties of 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 quality are given to the bolts through the improvement process. The cementation process can be defined as the infiltration of carbon into the steel. The carbon impregnation process occurs as a result of gas-metal reaction by heating the steel piece in a CO-containing environment to the austenite phase temperature. 

Generally, a temperature between 850- 950°C is used, this temperature is called “cementation temperature”. With this process, surface hardnesses of up to 750HV are achieved in screws. In our heat treatment processes, CQI9 audits, one of the automotive requirements, are carried out and shared with our automotive customers.